Ethiopia Sidama (natural processed) by Printer's Row Coffee Co.

12 oz for $15.00 ($0.0441/gram)

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Description from Printer's Row Coffee Co.:

"BACKGROUND This coffee is from a coffee cooperative called Wottona Bultuma, a member of the Sidama Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). The SCFCU produces some 10,000 tons of high quality arabica beans per year. The coop is responsible for the dry milling, sorting and grainpro bagging of the coffee before export. The coffee cherries are bought in by local farmers, from plots that are more than 1900-2100 meters above sea level. Wottona Bultuma’s 2,773 members grow exceptionally bright and full-bodied coffees from roughly 1,400 hectares of rich earth in Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. Almost all coffee produced by the member cooperatives is shade grown in low densities under the canopies of indigenous trees and ensete (a local staple food crop). PROCESSING First, the farmer picks a ripe cherry and hand sorts for un-ripes and over-ripes before proceeding to production. They then load the cherries on raised beds and sun dried 14-21 days down to 10-12% moisture content. Coffees are covered in plastic during midday and at night. The coffee is then hulled and milled at the dry mill (at the Wottona Bultuma Coop), after which it is ready for sorting, grading, bagging, and export. After export, we purchase the coffee and roast it to our specifications in order to unearth the origin flavors of these beans. FLAVOR In general, as the result of prolonged and sun-fueled contact with the cherry’s own natural sugars, sun-dried natural coffees have a sweet, fruity character. The fruit flavors vary from red fruits to blueberry and this coffee falls in line with that perfectly. Our coffee is blueberry forward, with hints of pomegranate, molasses, and nutmeg with a balanced acidity. The body is supple, swallow is soft, and the finish does not linger in the mouth. This coffee has quickly become a staff favorite. We prepare it via pour-over/drip in our shop, but it does make for an incredibly bright espresso as well."