Nicaragua Jinotega by Printer's Row Coffee Co.

12 oz for $14.00 ($0.0412/gram)

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Description from Printer's Row Coffee Co.:

"BACKGROUND This fantastic coffee is from the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. This region produces 65% of the total coffee production of Nicaragua. Mild temperature and evenly-distributed rainfall over the year makes this the perfect location for growing quality coffees. Nicaragua produced 25 winning coffees in the 2017 Cup of Excellence. Nicaragua was introduced to coffee by the Catholic Missionaries in the 1790’s and since has been intertwined in the culture of the country. Coffee here is grown at the altitude of 1100-1700 meters above sea level with temperatures between 18-22*C and an average rainfall of 1.8 meters a year. PROCESSING These beans are fully washed. Coffees prepared via this process tend to be bright, and generally make a very clean cup. In this method, the farmer picks a ripe cherry, which is then taken to the wet mill where it is pulped. Pulping is the removal of the outermost fruit skin. Next it is put in water with any floaters being discarded as defects. The coffee is then fermented and washed to remove any remaining fruit. It is then sun-dried to 10-12% moisture content. The parchment stays with the green bean until it is milled at the dry mill, after which it is ready for sorting, grading, bagging, and export. At this point, we purchase the coffee and roast it to our specifications in order to unearth the origin flavors of these beans. FLAVOR This fair trade and organic coffee has a round body, and a nice bright acidity with prominent flavors of tobacco, black tea, and brown sugar. These attributes along with a soft finish makes it easy to drink a lot this coffee in one sitting."