Sugar Magnolia by Passion House Coffee

12 oz for $18.00 ($0.0529/gram)

product_url https://www.passionhousecoffee.com/imported-products-1/sugar-magnolia

Description from Passion House Coffee:

"Country: Nicaragua Region: Dipilto Farm/Mill: Sacuanjoche Farmer: Multiple smallholders Tasting Notes: Cane sugar, peach, milk chocolate Processing: Washed Variety: Caturra Altitude: 1,250-1,500 masl Named after the Nicaraguan national flower, Sacuanjoche is composed of 15 small-scale producers from Caturra lots from the Dipilto municipality. The Dipilto is a mountain community near the Nicaraguan and Honduras border known for its ability to produce specialty coffee. The desirable growing conditions including elevation, soil, and unique microclimates make this community the perfect place to produce extraordinary coffee. The Dipilto community is changing the perceptions of what Nicaraguan coffee can be. A coffee that was known for being great in blends with their big body, nutty, and chocolate notes. Presently, with new improvements with the harvesting and fermentation techniques the flavor profile of these coffees transcend into much smoother, sweeter, and brighter coffee. Maku started working with these producers in 2017 after tasting their coffee and realizing some hurdles they had to overcome to get their coffee to market and get the recognition they deserve. It is our goal to help them produce better coffee and receive a better price in the market. Our field team collects parchment in and then transports it to our drying facility in Octoal where the coffee is meticulously monitored by our field team during its final stages of drying. We assure traceability by providing each lot of its own unique tracking device. Each lot is tagged, labeled, and recorded into our database. This three-pronged approach allows us to identify which lot belongs to which producers. Sacuanjoche is a floral coffee with notes of sparkling fruits, cane sugar, milk chocolate, and a smooth body."