DECAF Brazil – Mogiana by Modest Coffee

12 oz for $15.00 ($0.0441/gram)

product_url https://www.modest.coffee/product/decaf-single-bag/


Description from Modest Coffee:

"Description ABOUT THIS COFFEE The Mogiana region, which runs along the Sao Paulo and Minas Gerias border, is home to some of the most consistently sweet and well-structured naturals produced in Brazil. This coffee was selected by hand from individual farms and processed to create a smooth, clean, highly consistent end product. This coffee makes an excellent single origin coffee as it has a very consistent and clean cup profile. The Swiss Water® Process uses pure green coffee extract and proprietary carbon technology to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. Swiss Water® has specified the pore size of the carbon to match the caffeine molecule to ensure only the caffeine is trapped when the caffeine is captured from the green coffee extract. The Swiss Water® Process is certified organic and 100% chemical free. In addition, they are also certified Kosher by the Kosher Overseers Association. SPECS: GEOGRAPHY Region: Alta Mogiana, Brazil Altitude: 1050 MASL PRODUCER Various smallholders VARIETY Castillo: 95%, Colombia: 2%, Caturra: 3% PROCESSING Natural & Swiss Water Decaffeinated HARVEST TIME September – December ’19 NOTES: FLAVOR Pecan, dried apple, spice BODY Full ACIDITY Mild ROAST LEVEL Medium/Dark – Full City"