PHILIPPINES Sitio Kisbong by Four Letter Word Coffee

10 oz for $22.00 ($0.0776/gram)

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Description from Four Letter Word Coffee:

"REGION: Caliking, Atok, Benguet GROWERS: 33 smallholder family farmers PROCESS: Washed VARIETIES: Typica, Red Bourbon, San Ramon HAZELNUT CRUNCH BAR, BANANACUE, AMARETTO This coffee was brought to us in the States in by our friends at Kalsada Coffee. Kalsada Coffee Company was created with a mission to support Philippine coffee producers and their dedicated efforts to bring specialty coffee to the market. They value partnership and collaboration, build trust by consulting with and listening to the farmers input and concerns and finding ways to help them succeed. They help farmers meet quality standards by providing training and investing in machinery and equipment. Kalsada’s mills are built on shared ancestral land of the farmers. They initially worked with 15 farmers, and have since grown to working with over 100 and counting! Through their work, they hope to encourage future generations of Filipino coffee growers and spread the word about Philippine specialty coffee. In 2014, among Kalsada’s first purchase of coffee was from a small community called Sitio Kisbong in Atok, Benguet. Farmers processed coffees from their own backyards with their hand-cranked pulpers and dried them in bilao, or winnowing baskets, on top of their roofs. Despite growing coffee for decades, most farmers regarded it as a secondary crop and only applied traditional ways of processing. Coffee quality was inconsistent, and production was low. On average, each farmer can only produce 35kgs to 50kgs of coffee. In 2019, Kalsada established a small community washing station in Sitio Kisbong. In Sitio Kisbong’s first year of operation, coffees from 14 family farmers went through the natural process. Due to frequent typhoon rains and winds during this year’s harvest, most coffees from 33 family farmers were washed and dried for 4-6 weeks instead. The established washing station was a great benefit for the growers."