ETHIOPIA Biftu Gudina by Four Letter Word Coffee

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Description from Four Letter Word Coffee:

"COOPERATIVE: Biftu Gudina REGION: Agaro Region, Western Ethiopia PROCESS: Washed VARIETY: Ethiopian Heirloom PURPLE FLORALS, DULCE DE LECHE, APRICOT One hundred and fourteen smallholders from Bersemo kebele came together to form Biftu Gudina; a Cooperative whose name means “ray of development”. Work began from the ground up. The farmers started by planting new seedlings that were resistant to disease. They learned industry best practices; the importance of shade trees; how to maximize the yield of their trees; when to harvest for the best flavor; and most importantly, how to process the coffee after harvest. Taking out a loan, Biftu Gudina set up its first wet mill with an Eco pulper capable of de-pulping 1500 kg of coffee per hour. When they first started in 2012, the smallholders sold one container of coffee. Now, this group of hardy smallholders has increased sales to eight containers of coffee a year. Biftu Gudina has also added a second machine with a greater processing capacity (2500 kg per hour). Taking note of how things were improving, other smallholders in Bersemo kebele joined the cooperative, growing its numbers to 296 (almost a third being women). The Biftu Gudina Cooperative Society is a member of famed the Kata Muduga Union, which in turn is maintained by the managing director, Asnake Nigat. The KMU is at the forefront of Ethiopian specialty coffee, producing some absolutely stunning coffees in a country known for tasty and beautiful coffee. Of the many coffee producing unions in Ethiopia, KMU remains one of the most farmer-focused, consistently generating some of the highest prices paid to farmers in the region. In this beautiful, forested part of Ethiopia, it rains for 9 months straight, and when it stops and the sun comes out, it's time to harvest the coffee."