COLOMBIA Eliecer Artunduaga by Four Letter Word Coffee

10 oz for $18.50 ($0.0653/gram)

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Description from Four Letter Word Coffee:

"PRODUCER: Eliecer Artunduaga REGION: Tolima PROCESS: Washed VARIETY: Pink Bourbon RED GRAPE, HONEYSUCKLE, PINK PEPPERCORN, JUICY JUNIPER Tolima first entered the consciousness of the Specialty Coffee Industry when producer Astrid Medina won the Cup of Excellence for her coffee produced in Gaitania, near Planadas. Astrid writes: "This competition lifted us from anonymity and introduced us to the world of specialty coffee. Many people were suddenly interested in visiting our region, tasting and buying coffee from Planadas. This really helped our region which was hit hard by the internal conflict in Colombia. The coffee producers improved their conditions, could invest in their farms and improve salaries for their workers." Eliecer Artunduaga along with Astrid are coffee producers in the area working together wirh Fairfield Trading. Alejandro Renjifo is Fairfield’s founder and in his early career as a coffee economist, Alejandro held long stints at both the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and the Federación Nacionale de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC). He was responsible for launching the FNC’s specialty division in North America. During a time when Colombian coffee was mainly characterized by Juan Valdéz, a fictional character, Alejandro was pushing for the FNC to recognize the incredible diversity of Colombian terroir. What is impressive about the Fairfield team is that they value and have cultivated excellent palates as well as possessing a keen sense of how to forge good and interpersonal relations with each smallholder with whom they work. Understanding and finding the balance between these two elements of procuring specialty requires great skill. Originating from Colombia, Pink Bourbon is cultivated from hybridization of Red and Yellow Bourbon. Bourbon coffees generally have small yields and they lack resistance to coffee leaf rust as well as coffee berry disease. The flavor however, is renowned. That is why farmers jump all the hoops to keep producing this variety. Red and Yellow Bourbon naturally mutated and created Pink Bourbon and producers say it is very resistant to rust. At its best, the variety offers a deep sweetness and floral/fruity qualities. This supports initial evidence indicating that Pink Bourbon is closely related to some sort of Ethiopian landrace variety."