Seismic by Metric Coffee Co.

5 lbs for $85.00 ($0.0375/gram)

product_url https://metriccoffee.com/collections/featured-products/products/paradigm-breakfast-blend?variant=31727230091351

Description from Metric Coffee Co.:

"RADIANT Seismic defines vibration in event or effect. A cocktail of coffees from the Americas and East Africa provide the palette with a tingling and impactful experience of flavor. Seismic toggles between a radiant and balanced coffee. It's smooth and sparkly. These coffees sparkle with effervescence and lead with notes of seasonal fruit. Each sip packs a burst of palette-popping brightness. These coffees firmly shake hands with our more audacious coffee-drinkers and give a wink to those looking for a little more adventure. Grab your shutter shades, a sense of thrill-seeking, and an empty mug, because we’re pouring some of the world’s most radiant coffee!"