Costa Rica Solis y Cordero Santa Fe White Honey by Metric Coffee Co.

8 oz for $14.50 ($0.0639/gram)

product_url https://metriccoffee.com/products/costa-rica-solis-y-cordero-santa-fe-white-honey?variant=39358061936727

Description from Metric Coffee Co.:

"This Catuai and Caturra lot from the Solis y Cordero mill in Santa Maria de Dota, Costa Rica has a soft, silky texture, sweet like turbinado sugar and balanced with the tartness of grapefruit and red grape. We are very happy to expand our offering list from Costa Rica this year and among the coffees to grace our menu for the first time is this selection from the Solis y Cordero mill. In the town of Santa Maria de Dota, the mill is operated by the husband and wife duo of Ivan Solis and Alejandra Cordero. Ivan began his coffee work as a truck driver. He drove to regional cherry collection stations, picking up fresh harvested cherries and delivering them to cooperative mills. It was here he grew his vast knowledge of the Tarrazu region, building relationships with the many small farmers in the area. He then went on to work for CoopeDota, a famous mill in the area, overseeing coffee processing operations. In 2009 He became a certified Q Grader, then in 2016, he left to start his own micro-mill. Ivan and his family buy coffee cherries from farmers in an area surrounding the mill, called Vapor. Mostly Catuai, with some Caturra added in, the local elevation ranges from 1,600 - 1,800 MASL. This coffee was processed at their dry mill, called Santa Fe, as a white honey. This means cherries were sent through a machine that removes 85-90% of the mucilage before being laid on raised beds to dry in the sun for 12-15 days."