Colombia Gabriel Castaño Buendia Natural Pink Bourbon by Metric Coffee Co.

8 oz for $28.00 ($0.1235/gram)

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Description from Metric Coffee Co.:

"The Colombian Department of Huila is located in the southern portion of the country where the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes mountains converge. Huila’s capital city of Neiva is dry, flat, and desert-like, markedly different from the coffee regions further south. Finca La Granada, a two hectare farm located in the southern municipality of Acevedo, Colombian Coffee producer Gabriel Castaño Buendia who is known colloquially as the “Godfather of Pink Bourbon”. After discovering the then unknown variety on his farm, Don Gabriel helped propagate seeds to other producers in the area who are now growing, processing and exporting Pink Bourbon in the international market. Pink Bourbon is a variety that is relatively rare due to the gene that controls the colour in the ripe cherry is double recessive. This means that if there are red, orange or yellow Bourbon plants nearby and they pollinate each other, the pink colour is lost, as are the Bourbon characteristics. This Natural (or Dry Process) microlot was carefully hand-selected for ripeness by “recolectores” or pickers with the cherry kept intact and fermented for 96 hours in bags. Then, the cherry is rinsed and laid out on raised beds inside parabolic dryers for 30 days."