Ethiopia Worka Chelbessa Washed Anaerobic by Metric Coffee Co.

8 oz for $23.00 ($0.1014/gram)

product_url https://metriccoffee.com/products/worka-chelbessa?variant=39389173678167

Description from Metric Coffee Co.:

"This region of Ethiopia is responsible for making washed Ethiopian coffee famous. Known for its superb sweetness, delicate florality, and bright citrus, sometimes tropical acidity, the classic washed lots from this area continue to draw us in. This particular coffee is processed using sealed tanks for the initial fermentation. Ripe, sorted whole coffee cherries are placed into the sealed plastic tanks. Wild yeasts begin to eat the sugars and quickly consume the excess oxygen in the tank. After soaking in the tanks for 48 hours, the cherry is removed and pulped, then soaked for another 24 hours to allow the mucilage to release from the parchment. After the mucilage is rinsed off, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 12 days. Compared to the same coffee, processed traditionally, we find this lot to have a more full sweetness and more of a complex acidity."