Guatemala Hamacas by Metric Coffee Co.

8 oz for $23.00 ($0.1014/gram)

product_url https://metriccoffee.com/products/hamacas?variant=39389210050647

Description from Metric Coffee Co.:

"Another delightful coffee in this year's microlot selections from our partners at Vides 58 comes Guatemala Hamacas. Hamacas in Spanish translates to “Hammocks” which is fitting for a coffee that one would enjoy on a hammock on a nice sunny afternoon. This washed coffee is a mix of Caturra & Bourbon and was grown at an altitude of 1,600 meters and sundried in the patio pictured here. The result- an incredibly sweet & clean coffee with notes of pear, blackberry & milk chocolate; roasted at a medium-light profile and can bode well both on espresso and filtered coffee options."